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Have you just posted a new video on YouTube and wondering how to Promote YouTube Video? Here are 4 ways to do this.

Participate in competitions

Video competitions attract many views; This gives you a lot of visibility, which greatly improves your video.

There are many competition sites that not only help you promote your video, but also make money and other prizes.

Some of the most popular sites you can consider are: famecast, movieake, our scene, Atomic Movies and Zadby. To increase the likelihood that many people are interested in your video, make sure it is of high quality.

Post a video to your blog

Do you have a popular blog? You need to write a high quality blog post and embed the video into the blog. In general, you must ensure that the contents of the blog refer to the content of the video. Google loves the video. When you share the video on your blog, you not only market it, but you also increase the ranking of your blog.

Comment on other videos

Don’t think of them as a challenge, you should make them friends and take advantage of them. You have to visit the popular video clips and see them in full. Then you have to write a complete and well-researched comment and add a link to your site.

To get attention, it is good to be different. For example, when people say how popular a video is that answers many questions, it explains how the video loses important information. That way, people will be interested in you and will carefully visit your video to learn more about them.

Share on social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn are very powerful advertising tools and should therefore be used. For Google and LinkedIn, you do not have to share the video in your profile, but in groups. For best results, make sure the video is linked to the group.


Here are 4 ways to promote your YouTube video. To make sure Google doesn’t block the video, make sure all rules are followed. This should not, for example, violate copyright.

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