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As a small company, we have seen all the progress of digital marketing over the last decade and the events that make successful businesses. But when digital marketing grows, it will reach a place where a small company will not offer the owner something new and what should we do now?

We believe digital marketing continues to evolve and deliver effective marketing strategies for companies of all sizes, but we also look at the latest trends in video marketing. Development of video marketing from YouTube and Facebook Live in the subsequent creation of video and Snapchat and Facebook applications.

To support this, we’ve compiled several recent categories of video marketing statistics to demonstrate how effective and important digital marketing is for your company.

Video marketing unit

82% of Twitter users are watching local video content.
YouTube now has more than 1,000,000,000 users.
45% of people view content online each week for more than an hour.
Almost 90% of marketing agencies use digital content.
One third of an online event lets you watch movies.

Cell phones

More than 50% of online digital content is shown on mobile devices.
92% of mobile users share videos on social media sites.
On mobile devices, 90% of Twitter video clips are generated.
Snapchat watches 10,000,000 videos a day.


51% of digital marketing companies claim that digital content provides the best return on investment.
Companies using video content increase their earnings 49 times faster than non-video users.
59% of online users say they choose multimedia and non-text content.
Video content increases 157% of organic SERP traffic.
Videos within 2 minutes have the biggest promise.
Content on the landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%.
46% of users online changed after seeing the ad.
The content of online movies attracts three visitors per month.
Affiliate media and ad features increase 22% commitment.

As you can see, video marketing is effective when viewing an online audience. More and more companies are using their customers to incorporate them into video marketing to launch new products, advise on how to use their products and increase revenue and increase business.

Marketing trend for 2019

So let’s look at the trends of digital marketing to see this year. Video marketing is constantly changing. In order to inform you, you must always be a step ahead of your competition.

1. Facebook video

Unhappy last year, the number of Facebook searches rose from 1 trillion to 8 billion. In recent years, Facebook has invested in Facebook Live, a few months ago. We look forward to increasing the number of people downloading, sharing and discovering the media.

2. Live video

As mentioned earlier, Facebook introduced live video. Facebook Live trademarks and consumers use to communicate with their subscribers. Twitter works with Periscope to allow users to integrate live feeds in tweets. 82% of Twitter users reported videos regularly. Live video creates a new opportunity.

3. Sale of video

According to recent studies, only 4% of people want to learn a new product or service while reading a textbook, 5% prefer to talk to someone’s phone and say 44% of videos.

4. Multi-channel marketing

Social Networking is the best place to share videos and get better together. Most consumers watch video clips on different devices and in various social media.

5. Videos “Generation Z” (13-24 years of age) as a video content

Enter Instagram and These applications are high in the black-and-black list. There are 10 billion videos every day and Instagram focuses on the vision. Instagram stories have published Instagram when users can share short videos with their subscribers.

6. Enforcement

New type of information marketing marketing information. Connect “informative” videos and “entertainment” videos. Consumers must keep the information they provide at the same time. Users will click without chatting.

7. VR

Virtual reality managers are becoming more accessible and marketing personnel use a thoughtful environment to attract the audience. Virtual reality videos are still a tool, but we hope that the virtual reality is an important tool in 2019.

8. Email and video

Keep your email short and send it by email. Email is always a great way to watch your videos for audiences (contacts in your email list).

9. Micro Directions

Advertising platforms become smarter. Users expect all material to be relevant and focused. If not, they are not interested.

10. Website Vision and Design

It is also important to have a video on your site. We assume that the marketers have got ways to integrate video into web design. If you already play a video when you reach a website, live broadcasting is recommended, reducing the rate of user refusal and improving SEO.

Find out the latest trends in video marketing and make sure your business is ready for 2019.

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