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How You Can Grow Your New Business with Video Marketing?

If you have started your new business, you may be knowing how much important marketing is for the growth and profitability of your business. Marketing helps to generate awareness among your target audience about your products or services and brand and influences them to purchase them.

Nowadays, people are preferring internet for marketing than the traditional mediums like television, newspapers and others due to lesser costs involved and ease of marketing it provides. There are various ways with which you can market your products or services on the internet. Some of them are blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and so on. But one form of internet-based marketing which has become quite popular nowadays among businesses is video marketing.

video marketing strategy

By creating informative, purposeful, interactive and interesting videos, some businesses have been able to engage their audience and motivate them to follow their business and shop their products. Videos are more effective than other forms of web-based marketing as a video tells a business’s message in a creative and appealing way which gets firmly imprinted in the minds of viewers and inspires them to take an action in the favour of the business.

Benefits of video marketing

As people lead busy lives nowadays, they have less time to read blogs and articles. So short videos which tell about a business’s brand in an exciting manner, are preferred by people looking for products or services they need on the internet. Nicely created videos which tell about a business’s story in a creative and exciting way, are able to win people’s trust, resulting in more traffic to its website, increased leads, customers, sales and profits as well as enhanced return on investment.

Such benefits of marketing through videos will inspire you to create an appealing and exciting video for attracting your target audience to your business. But before you do this, you need to first focus on:


Video marketing strategy

You need to build a proper strategy first for marketing your video that you are intending to create for promoting your brand or products or services you are offering. It would revolve around certain things like:

  • the specific goals you want to achieve by creating a video
  • the particular audience you are creating your video for
  • how the video will help to address pain points of your potential customers and improve their life in some way by telling about your products or services
  • how it will tell your brand’s story
  • where(internet platforms like social media, etc.) your audience consumes their content and what (kind of content) they are consuming.
  • budget allocated for producing the video
  • tools and skills required for producing the video


After making the strategy, your video production team can go ahead with making the video. Once the video has been created and edited, it becomes ready for video marketing on the web.


Online video marketing platforms to choose


For marketing your newly created online, you can upload it on YouTube, Wistia, Vidyard, Brightcove and other video marketing platforms.


But by merely uploading your video on these video marketing platforms, you will not get traffic and customers. You need to do much more than this. We will provide you the necessary guidance and education for it.


How to promote your YouTube channel


As YouTube is the most popular video promotion platform which you are likely to be familiar with, we will tell you about how you can promote your YouTube channel.For other video promotion platforms, you can follow a similar approach or change it where required.

These are some of the ways with which you can promote your YouTube video.


  1. Optimize your YouTube content for higher ranking in search engines.


Search engine optimization or SEO is important for your YouTube profile, channel and individual videos. This is the thing which will make your content discoverable in the search rankings.


Try to put maximum information in your YouTube account. You need to find out the keywords you want your video ranked for and put them in the video titles, descriptions, file names, tags, annotation and other relevant fields in your video.


  1. Create exciting video titles


If you want viewers to take notice of your video, you should have a title for it which is informative and attention grabbing. Insert the necessary keyword in the title. The title should tell the viewers how they can benefit by watching the video.


  1. Create clear and captivating YouTube thumbnails


These small images are a preview of the video. They will appear as the default image wherever you will embed it. Your video’s thumbnail should be large, clear and of high quality. It must accurately represent the content in the video and should be easily tied back to your business’s brand.


  1. Include contact links


To enable people who are viewing your videos contact you easily for sending their feedback, asking questions about your products or business, you should provide them easy contact options like linking back to your website, social media channels and contact email.


  1. Email marketing


If you have a list of subscribers, you can tell them through your emails as when you are posting your new videos on YouTube. Your emails should be interactive and engaging for attracting the attention of your subscribers and for inspiring them to visit your YouTube channel. The emails should contain a call to action for your subscribers to take the desired action. These can help you get you leads and customers.


  1. Participate in the community


If creating content is important, then actively engaging your audience is also equally important. When viewers comment on your video, you should take the time to reply to them. You should interact with them and answer their questions. This will lead to increased viewer engagement and popularity of your youtube channel will soar.


Also, you should be active in niche communities. YouTube has many such communities. Try to find the right community for your brand and subscribe to other channels. Leave comments and feedback on videos and share some of them which your own audience might find useful.


By promoting other channels and taking part in the community, will make you an active and engaged YouTuber and your viewers will take notice of it.


  1. Promote YouTube channel


For reaching new audiences, you need to promote your YouTube Channelactively and advertising is a good way to achieve this. You can take advantage of many advertising options offered by YouTube. Also, you can run an ad campaign on AdWords, Facebook Ads and on other advertising platforms.

  1. Publicize YouTube channel on your blog


You can create blog content which is relevant to your videos and embed the videos into your blog posts. This will help to arouse the interest of your readers in your videos and they are likely to visit them on YouTube.


  1. Run a contest

By running a contest which gives prizes and giveaways to the winners will generate interest among viewers about your video, leading to maximum participation and more popularity of your YouTube video.


  1. Create playlists


Playlists will make your viewers consume more of your content in one sitting. In a playlist, as soon as a one video ends, another starts. Playlists can also help to improve search rankings for your videos as playlist titles can be used for targeting keywords.


  1. Promote YouTube Video content on social channels


You should promote your YouTube video content on various social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest on which you brand is active. This will inspire your followers and customers on these platforms to visit your video.


  1. Allow video embeds


Make sure your videos are embedding enabled. This will allow your viewers to easily share their content on their websites and blogs. This is an effective way for your business to reach new audiences.


By knowing about where to promote youtube videos through this article, will help you to create an impactful and effective global or local business video marketing strategy for your newly established business, which will eventually lead to the profitability, growth and success of your business.

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